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About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Quantum Materials Research (QMR) is an international Open Access journal published online continuously by Hapres. The journal aims to provide a premium multidisciplinary forum for publishing and sharing all theoretical, experimental, computational and applied studies associated with quantum physics and quantum materials.

Research fields of interest include but are not limited to:

magnetism and magnetic materials

quantum magnets




spin-orbit torques

quantum spin liquids


spin ices

spin waves and magnons


quantum phases transitions

quantum computing

quantum Hall effects


quantum spin Hall effects

quantum anomalous Hall effects

superconductivity and superconducting materials

Majorana fermions

topological insulators and semimetals

axion insulator

strongly-correlated electron systems

Mott insulators

2D van der Waals materials

graphene and related materials

transition metal dichalcogenides



multiferroicity and multiferroic materials

phonons and heat transport

phonon-magnon coupling

The journal considers original articles, reviews, perspectives, communications, and technical notes, etc. for possible publication. There are no restrictions on word count, number or color of figures, nor amount or format of supporting materials.

Journal Contact Information

QMR Editorial Office

1st Floor Cobham MSA, Cobham, Surrey, Greater London, KT11 3DB, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 1932 379 585

E-mail: qmr@hapres.com

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